About us

Reputation Management is a company registered in Italy as a start-up under Decree 179/2012. The company aims to provide high quality, innovative services in the reputation management sector, particularly in the following areas:

  • consulting for companies, public bodies and individual leading lights in the reputation management sector;
  • consulting in crisis management, for the forecast and management of reputational crisis;
  • development of public relations, digital communication and corporate social responsibility projects, undertaken for the improvement of the client’s reputation index;
  • research & development for stakeholder engagement activities;
  • inter-university collaborations for the development of innovation in the field of reputation management;
  • nurturing of young talent and tutoring of new ventures in the reputation management sector;
  • organising events for scientific insight and bringing information related to reputation management and crisis management to the public

The company is the exclusive licensee for business model US2018/0150852 regarding a new system of stakeholder mapping and of integrated multi-channel and continuous cycle multi-stakeholder reporting, and makes use of ideas contributed by Professor Luca Poma.